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What is the difference between fiber optic transceivers and Ethernet transceivers?

FC (Fibre Channel) transceivers are an important part of Fibre Channel infrastructure, and Ethernet transceivers combined with Ethernet switches are a popular matching combination when deploying Ethernet. Obviously, these two types of transceivers serve different applications, but what exactly is the difference between them? This article will describe Fibre Channel and fiber optic transceivers in detail.

What is Fibre Channel technology?

Fibre Channel is a fast data transfer network protocol that allows the orderly and lossless transfer of raw blocks of data. Fibre Channel connects general-purpose computers, mainframes, and supercomputers with storage devices. It is a technology that primarily supports point-to-point (two devices directly connected to each other) and is usually most common in switched fabric (devices connected through a Fibre Channel switch) environment.


A SAN (Storage Area Network) is a private network used for storage connectivity between host servers and shared storage, typically a shared array that provides block-level data storage. Typically, Fibre Channel SANs will be installed in low-latency applications that are best suited for block-based storage, such as databases used for high-speed online transaction processing (OLTP) such as banking, online ticketing, and databases in virtualized environments. Fibre Channel typically runs on fiber optic cables within and between data centers, but it can also be used with copper cables.
What is a Fibre Channel Transceiver?

As we mentioned above, Fibre Channel can transmit raw block data and build lossless transmission. Fibre Channel transceivers also use high-speed data transmission protocols. Engineers generally use Fibre Channel transceivers to build transmission chains between data centers, servers, and switches. road.

Fibre Channel transceivers also use the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) for transport and are typically used to interface between Fibre Channel systems and between optical storage network devices. Fibre Channel transceivers are primarily designed to connect Fibre Channel storage networks within data centers.

Post time: Sep-27-2022